Worship House Project

Church Leaders of Alemi PAG standing by the site of a future worship house.

Worship House Project

In the villages, the believers worship in grass roofed church buildings, such as the one shown below. With heavy torrents of tropical rains, these grass thatched roofs hardly last three years before they are in need of replacements. The resulting burden of constant re-roofing can become a distraction to further kingdom ministry by the church and certainly can create discouragements to the believers who have to bear the burdens of the task of re-roofing. If instead the grass was replaced with iron roofs, the burden would be lessened and the believers would be immensely relieved. The goal of the worship house project is to help the believers in Lango build better worship houses.

Church Leaders of Alemi PAG Church in a group photo with Tom Oder (#1 on left) when he visited them in July 2010. The Senior Pastor is Rev. Willy Ekwaro, standing #6 from the left.


“The goal of the worship house project is to help the believers in Lango build better worship houses.”

A construction mission trip could be arranged in the course of time. However, as an immediate alternative, we would provide financial resources with which the people can construct worship houses themselves. A house that can accommodate 150 worshippers (typical size for village churches) would cost about $10,000. This would be used to purchase a piece of land, about 200 metal sheets for roofing, timbers and other necessary materials. The church members would provide the fired earth bricks for the wall and other non-skilled labor required.

The leader of this project is Pastor Willy Ekwaro of Ayer Assembly Church in Lango, pictured above. There are currently 11 churches under his leadership, each of them meet in a building roofed with grass. A building project is currently underway to construct an iron-roofed worship house at the Assembly headquarter – shown in the picture below. About $7,000 is required to help them complete this construction. Please send a donation of any amount to help these brothers and sisters in the work of the ministry.